Story – jovili


Jovili’s story began the way almost every great idea has: with an “aha!” moment.
While designing his first home, founder Stephen Rivers wanted to adorn the dwelling with sophisticated, modern furniture that held timeless appeal. He soon learned that the cost to furnish his new home was going to run him nearly the same amount as constructing the house.
Spurred by the belief that everyone deserves to furnish their home with high-quality elegance, Rivers put his years of experience as a home improvement professional to work. This resulted in modern, mid-century, and Scandinavian-inspired pieces at cost-effective prices, to be enjoyed by all.
The company’s name, Jovili, was chosen simply because you can’t say it without smiling; just as you shouldn’t walk into your home without feeling satisfied with your surroundings.
By eliminating fees surrounding export agents, brick-and-mortar costs, and warehouses, Jovili is able to deliver stylish, top-notch pieces to the masses—at the fraction of a price of other furniture retailers.
And that’s another thing to smile about.

Our Process 


The design process incorporates trends in art, fashion, and travel, with chic, top-quality conceptions to fulfill what smart, upscale customers are looking for.


Jovili designs are sent overseas and manufactured with care and attention to detail, constructed from highly durable materials able to withstand years of wear and tear in your home.


After the construction process is complete, the final product is sent straight to your home at a more practical price, with the elimination of additional warehouse and sales fees