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Styling a Mid-Century Modern Credenza

I could not think of a more suitable accompaniment to your Mid-Century Modern furniture, than a well-chosen and well-styled credenza. Some may call it a sideboard, a lowboard, or a buffet; but choosing the right one for your home is what matters most. Second to how you decide to style it!
Characteristics of an undeniably Mid-Century Modern credenza:
  1. Not bulky. take size into consideration. Be sure to measure it up to other major furniture pieces. If it competes with your sofa--for instance--it is more than likely too big.
  2. Clean lines: look for neat, uncluttered features. Legs are a plus; when your credenza is lifted off the ground by slender legs, the more elegant it looks in your setting. 
  3. Quality is visible: Look for rich materials and full-bodied texture and color; the quality and timelessness of your credenza starts with what it's made of. Also notice the hardware- make sure it feels substantial. There is no alternative for quality. 
  4. Storage fits your needs, but not too customized: we all love for things to be "customized" for sure; however, when it comes to credenzas--which you may want to move around and repurpose over the years--make sure it has smooth gliding drawers, spacious cabinets, and serves various storage needs. A credenza is something that may be moved from a dining room, to a library, or even used as a media cabinet. Consider the many ways in which you'll use your credenza.

Tips for styling your Mid-Century Modern credenza:

  1. Start with art: over a credenza is the perfect way to accentuate your favorite art. Try leaning a piece or two against the wall for a different look.
  2. Add books: Fashion, art, biographies, and Literature are ideal here. Look for larger sizes in neutral shades that compliment (not compete) with your art. 
  3. Set the tone: add a candelabra for ambience. Look for something architectural and unique. Stick to metals or metallics, especially if your credenza is wood. If you're like me, you're going to want to burn the candles, so make sure to place it in a way that doesn't put your art in danger. 
  4. Dress it up with green or a sculpture: if your finishing touch is greenery, keep it simple (i.e. tall cylinder vase with one sprig of bright green monstera or ruscus). Or, you could add a marble bust or an ash tray- even if you're a non-smoker, keep an eye out for unique ash trays at antique shops. Blown glass and marble work well. They make great accessories!

As Coco Chanel once said, "Simplicity the keynote to all true elegance." Just as she spoke of fashion, the same is true for interior design and home styling. If you step back, and feel that your vignette is too cluttered, by all means, remove just one accessory. Start with the different elements of texture and function listed above, then add, edit, and remove until you are happy with your styling. 



Credenza: Tillman (Walnut) by Jovili

Candelabra: Target(old) here's another one I love

Books: Banksy, VOGUE

Art: Jamie Lyons


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