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Lounging in Luxury

At long last. . . the lounge chair that dreams are made of. Allow us to introduce you to Lexington. 
Lexington is the perfect combination of modern comfort and elegance. The slender frame and lush, buttoned tufts resemble a well-fitted custom suit. The addition of a footrest is what makes the Lexington not only a place to sit. . . but creates a destination within your home. 

Have you ever purchased a piece of clothing or pair of shoes that, surprisingly, brought together countless outfits? The Lexington is sure to become the furniture piece to complete many scenarios. . . 
. . .moments that call for a creamy cup of coffee and a book (or five). . . those which require a nap and a cozy robe. . . . or a heart-warming phone conversation with a loved one. Or, chill evenings with a close friend and a bottle of wine. 
The Lexington slips delicately into many interior design settings. As for us, we love the way it coordinates with a white marble table, stacked with our favorite fashion and art books, leaving just enough room for a cup of coffee or wine. With a voluptuous amber candle nearby, our perfect evening has been made. 
Aren't the details so lush and perfect? The Lexington is sure to bring an element of Mid-century allure to your sitting area, library, or living room!
Contributed by Brittany Rivers.

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