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How'd you style it? Blue Inspiration

Today's inspiration comes to us from a colorful apartment near Downtown Fort Worth belonging to Alexis. The vivid colors, and the personal touches throughout made for a warm stay. Rich blue hues serve as both an anchor for the color palette, and an expression of Alexis’ eclectic style. As a bonus, we got our recommended daily intake of vitamin D thanks to the plenteous sunlight in her living room!
We love the way Alexis was able to bring so much character, detail and texture into her 465 sq-ft dwelling. To our delight, she divulged her decor sources and shared more of what inspired them. 
JOVILI: Describe to us your thought process when decorating and arranging your living room.
ALEXIS: I don't really look at [the room] as a whole, but each piece separately. I only use things that have a story behind them; things I got while traveling, or where given to me. I'm very sentimental. I've been really colorful with my home which is funny, as my clothing choices are very neutral and a bit boyish; so the other side of my personality comes out in decorating my space. Bright, fun, playful, vivid colors- I love the 70's for so many reasons; which is why I chose the orange velvet [ottomans and throw pillow]. I also love greenery, but I kill most of it. So I chose succulents and cacti- I can't seem to get on board with plastic plants. 
J: We're enamored by your paintings and the family photos. We'd love to know more about the art on the side table next to your sofa! 
A: This one is supposed to be a geode; My Aunt Sarah--who is actually my main inspiration for decorating--traveled everywhere in her camper named "Lil' Darlin" and decorated her house with items she brought back- mostly rocks and shells. She kept the more precious, expensive ones higher up on the shelf, and the less valuable ones at the bottom, which she's let us play with. She also had geodes all over her house, which inspired this painting. I love blue, and I added gold leaf between the layers.
J: We understand the camel has special meaning as well...
A: Awe, that's Waleed! I'm half Lebanese and everyone in my family has a camel somewhere in their home. So, when I found this guy at a thrift store, I brought him home and spray painted him gold.
J: We can't get enough of your well-loved and well-used book collection on your shelf.
A: I love literature, Jane Austen, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Charles Dickens; I also love psychology and poetry. I'm learning French, so I have a book on that; some old cookbooks from my Aunt Sarah, and of course Parisian culture--because I'm about it.  I also love to journal. 
Alexis, thank you so much for inviting us in for the tour and backstory- we're truly inspired! 
Side table: TJ Maxx
Camel candle holder, affectionately known as Waleed: Thrifted (spray painted gold)
Basket: IKEA
Throw pillows: IKEA and Target
Orange ottomans: stools from Target, legs removed and re-covered in velvet.
Gold nesting tables: local market
Beaded tapestry: gift
Contributed by Brittany Rivers

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