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Styling a Mid-Century Modern Credenza

I could not think of a more suitable accompaniment to your Mid-Century Modern furniture, than a well-chosen and well-styled credenza. Some may call it a sideboard, a lowboard, or a buffet; but choosing the right one for your home is what matters most. Second to how you decide to style it!   Characteristics of an undeniably Mid-Century Modern credenza: Not bulky. take size into consideration. Be sure to measure it up to other major furniture pieces. If it competes with your sofa--for instance--it is more than likely too big. Clean lines: look for neat, uncluttered features. Legs are a plus; when your credenza is lifted off the ground by slender legs, the more elegant it looks in your setting.  Quality is visible: Look...

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How'd you style it? Blue Inspiration

Today's inspiration comes to us from a colorful apartment near Downtown Fort Worth belonging to Alexis. The vivid colors, and the personal touches throughout made for a warm stay. Rich blue hues serve as both an anchor for the color palette, and an expression of Alexis’ eclectic style. As a bonus, we got our recommended daily intake of vitamin D thanks to the plenteous sunlight in her living room! We love the way Alexis was able to bring so much character, detail and texture into her 465 sq-ft dwelling. To our delight, she divulged her decor sources and shared more of what inspired them.  JOVILI: Describe to us your thought process when decorating and arranging your living room. ALEXIS: I don't really look at [the room] as...

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Lounging in Luxury

At long last. . . the lounge chair that dreams are made of. Allow us to introduce you to Lexington.  Lexington is the perfect combination of modern comfort and elegance. The slender frame and lush, buttoned tufts resemble a well-fitted custom suit. The addition of a footrest is what makes the Lexington not only a place to sit. . . but creates a destination within your home.  Have you ever purchased a piece of clothing or pair of shoes that, surprisingly, brought together countless outfits? The Lexington is sure to become the furniture piece to complete many scenarios. . .  . . .moments that call for a creamy cup of coffee and a book (or five). . . those which...

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